Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the OSMH Foundation 50/50 draw work?

The 50/50 draw administered by OSMH Foundation, is a raffle licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) where individuals purchase ticket(s) for the opportunity to win 50% of the total money raised through the sale of 50/50 tickets. The draws will take place on the last Friday in each month starting on June 23, 2021 concluding April 29, 2022.


Q. How does the OSMH Foundation Early Bird draw work?

The Early Bird draws will take place on the Friday’s in each month listed below at 2:00 pm and will include any individual who has purchased ticket(s) for 50/50 for that current month’s raffle draw.  The early bird prize will change each month and have a value up to $500.


Early Bird Draw Dates



















Q. Where does the other 50% of the proceeds raised go?

The other 50% of the proceeds raised supports the most urgent needs at Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital. 

Q. Who is eligible to buy 50/50 draw tickets?

If you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to purchase 50/50 draw tickets:

·         Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of purchase

·         Must be located in the Province of Ontario at time of purchase

Must not be one of the following:

·         An employee of OSMH Foundation

·         An employee of the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario

·         An employees of the supplier of the 50/50 System who are involved with the development and/or support of the 50/50 System

·         Such other persons designated from time to time as Related Parties by the Foundation

·         Individuals who appear to be intoxicated

Note: Prior to the purchase of a ticket online, you will be required to verify your eligibility and that the information is complete and accurate.

Q. Can I play more than once in a game?

Yes. You can purchase more than one ticket per event or game.

Q. What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning the prize are based on the number of tickets sold.

Q. How is the winning number drawn?

A unique winning number is randomly generated and issued by the electronic 50/50 system out of the numbers purchased for this particular draw. The mechanism for selecting the winning number is a computer-based random number generator that has been certified by the AGCO.

Q. When is the winning number drawn each month and posted?

The draws will take place at the dates and times noted below, with details being announced on the OSMH Foundation’s Facebook page and displayed on the OSMH Foundation’s 50/50 website.

Monthly Sales Close 9:00 pm

Monthly Draw      10:00 a.m.










October-29-21(9 pm)













Q. How do I claim my prize?

If you have the winning 50/50 number you will be contacted by the OSMH Foundation.  You must complete the required winner claimant documents in person at the Orillia Soldiers’ Hospital Foundation office located at 146 Mississaga St. W., Orillia, Ontario, L3V 3B3 within thirty days of the draw date.  You must present one (1) form of government-issued photo ID.


OSMH Foundation can only issue the prize to the individual named in the original purchase transaction. OSMH Foundation is not responsible for any division of the winning prize amount to any other party other than the individual named in original purchase transaction.

The winning ticket cannot be tampered with. OSMH Foundation reserves the right to deny winnings if the ticket has been reproduced or changed from its original state.

Q. When can I expect to receive my winnings?

Prize winnings will be paid by cheque within three (3) weeks of the completion of the claim process.

Q. Do I need to live in Ontario to play?

You do not need to live in the province of Ontario to purchase a 50/50 ticket but you do need to be physically located within the province of Ontario at the time of purchase of your online 50/50 ticket to be eligible to play.

Q. How can I pay for my online 50/50 ticket?

Our online 50/50 website accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Q. I cannot access What should I do?

Per AGCO regulations – please be advised that you must be located within the province of Ontario at the time of your purchase. Your device’s locations services must be turned on to verify your location prior to entry to the online 50/50 sales platform. Users must also agree to all Terms and Conditions outlined.

If the 50/50 site is reporting location issues then please refer to the Location Troubleshooting guide here.

Q. I purchased a 50/50 ticket but did not get my numbers. What should I do?

If you purchased your 50/50 ticket but did not receive your numbers, please check your junk or spam folders in the event it was flagged by your email provider. If you still do not have your 50/50 ticket, contact and our support staff will re-send your raffle numbers (some verification will be required). If your transaction completed successfully, your numbers will still be part of the draw.

Q. I think I, or someone I know, may have a problem with gambling. What should I do?

OSMH Foundation promotes responsible gaming at all times. If you are looking for help or advice about problem gambling, please visit: or contact the Ontario Problem Gambling Help Line / Free Health Services Information at 1- 888-230-3505.