The proceeds of the Soldiers' 50/50 will go towards the Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital's MRI Replacement Project.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine uses a strong magnet and radio waves to create complex pictures of body organs and issues to help doctors make a diagnosis and formulate treatment plans for the patients.

During the pandemic year, Soldiers' still performed close to 7,000 MRI scans to aid in diagnosing and treating challenging outcomes.  These conditions include neurologic problems such as multiple sclerosis and strokes, cancer and joint problems, to name a few.

The ability to have these tests done close to home in a timely manner reduces inconvenience and stress for patients dealing with these difficult situations.

Approaching its 14th birthday, Soldiers' MRI machine is nearing the end of its lifecycle.  Almost a decade and a half into its service, it has more than served us well.  Regrettably, as a result of its advanced age, it has more frequent and unpredictable down times, resulting in unexpected cancellations and delays for patients while maintenance is completed.  With time-sensitive diagnoses on the line, that is simply not the standard of care our community deserves.  

A new MRI and the special suite it requires comes with a large $3-million price tag, and the government does not fund replacement medical equipment.  It is on us, as a community, to raise that money, and as part of that fundraising campaign the proceeds from the Soldiers' 50/50 will go towards that purchase.

About us

The Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital Foundation (OSMH Foundation) is a registered charity with the primary goal of raising funds for the benefit of Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital. Our success is tied directly to the compassionate spirit and generous support of the community, dedicated staff and a vibrant volunteer team who generate tremendous enthusiasm in support of our Hospital and its many services.

While best known for high profile fundraising events like Charlee's Run or our Annual Hospital Gala, the Foundation generates funds through a variety of initiatives, including this 50/50 Lottery!

Working hand-in-hand with Soldiers', the Foundation’s mission is to support the Hospital in its quest to become a centre of excellence for our community and our region. Our goal is to raise money so that we can equip our healthcare professionals with the technology and tools required to provide the best healthcare possible.  

If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, please call us at (705) 325-6464 or email